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Exclusive Short Course of Numerology
& Medical Palmistry by Mustafa Ellahee

                Course Outline

1. What is Numerology?Urdu & English 2. Digital Numerology?Urdu & English 3. Alphabetical Numerology?Urdu & English 4. Love Match Numerology?Urdu & English 5. What is Palmistry & Medical Plamistry 6. Nails,Fingers,Mounts Shape Palmistry 7. Most Exclusive Palmistry Moles On Palm 8. Color,Size Shape Finger's Palmistry




Welcome in the world of Medical Palmistry. We have our whole personality in our hands that what we are looking normally and what we are hiding from peoples. Basically by Medical Palmistry we can point-out any type of disease which we don’t know or which will be held in future and cure them easily.

Medical Palmistry based upon your shape of fingers, structure of thumbs, colors of skin, mounts of palm and specially bracelets. We can also know about your whole personality, behavior, mental approach, luck, marriage, which field is successful for you, education, business, etc.

To know about your nature and health, send us the scanning of your both hands from both sides on our email address. We will give your complete guidance for everything.



foto2You are very lucky, because you are in the world of numbers. Did you realize that numbers are everywhere around you. Your House number, Mobile Number, Passport Number, Identity Card Number, Vehicle Number, Health Number, Bank Account Number and so on. It means you have very deep connection with numbers in 24 hours.

Feel this; there are everywhere numbers around you. If these numbers are lucky for you then your life is successful and if these numbers are unlucky for you then you are unsuccessful in the life. Normally we make the reason of other peoples for our failures, while actually the reason for our failures are our numbers. These are those numbers you did not try to identified them. But numerology gives you complete guidance and it safe you from unsuccessful life.

We will tell you from your numbers that which one is correct and lucky number for you, which days are lucky for you. How can your lucky colors give you success, which peoples are helpful to you in your good luck.

To know about you and your lucky numbers,
send or e-mail us your REAL AND FULL NAME, NICK NAME & DATE OF BIRTH





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